Sunday, January 15, 2012

at the drive-in

Alright so its been a while since I posted.. SO WHAT! I'm lazy, but this past week I received news that absolutely shocked me. After breaking up 11 years ago ( I had just started 9th grade) At The Drive-In will be reuniting for, at the very least, a few shows.
When I first heard the Mars Volta's first EP I was unhappy with it. As an angst-y little 9th grade band nerd, I couldn't get over the fact that ATDI has dispersed and left me with the Tremulant EP (and Sparta, which, no offense the guys personally, but I liked them even less). Of course once De-loused in the Comatorium came out my opinion of Mars Volta did a total 180. But I truly never expected the guys to come back to ATDI and say "Well... Let's do this again." I first heard them when I was in 7th grade and still thought Korn and Limp Bizkit were hard. Embarrassingly enough, it was when I was home sick and I saw ATDI featured on an MTV "Bands to Watch" special. I immediately bought Relationship of Command and bought 2 other copies in the following months for my friends' birthdays (they didn't like it).
On the band's official website there isn't much info about how this reunion will work. It has 2 dates posted for Coachella and says "This station is.. now.. operational." I'm hoping of course that means they're all back together, writing new songs, and playing Coachella to kick off a nationwide reunion tour.. but I won't say it out loud cause I don't want to jinx it.

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