Friday, September 28, 2012

dirty projectors

   Dirty Projectors played at Made in America Festival fairly recently. This is a name I have been hearing for years but never took the time to listen to. My friend that saw them at M I A Fest said they were the best act there and gave me their last album Swing Lo Magellan so I could give then a listen. The first time through I wasn't sure what to think because they have progressions and changes that one might normally hear in Classical music, not some modern indie band. I can't stop listening now. This record is amazing (I still haven't even listened to their others , all with rad titles I might add). Singer and main composer, David Longstreth has an amazing grasp on music theory and shows this in his intricate and progressive song structure. The lovely ladies in the band also provide layers of dreamy harmonies for Longstreth to croon over. These babes are taking the fluff out of pop, and looking very unassuming while they do it.

This is my favorite track from Swing Lo Magellan, released last July.

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