Thursday, October 25, 2012


So recently I was given an assignment to compile the following-

Top Five New Musicians/Bands

Top Five Youtube videos

Five Good Blogs/Tumblrs

Top Meme

Top Five "People To Watch"

....and these are the results:


Empress of  : This is Lorely Rodriguez of Brooklyn. She just recently started posting “colorminutes” with beautiful 1 minute songs over a single color. A few days ago she posted Empress of’s first full-length track “Don’t Tell Me”. The color minutes are addicting(I’ve listened to 2 and 7 seriously 50 times). She will be playing her first Empress show this Thursday Oct.18. Her website is also a great craigslist look-alike. (more)

Death Grips : One of Zach Hill’s many musical ventures along with MC Ride and Andy Morin. They recently released Deep Web No Love for free on their website against the wishes of their label, Epic Records, who wanted to push the date further back. I would bet it had something to do with the record cover (it’s pretty shocking). The album already has millions of legal downloads. (more)

Lord Huron : LA Band that just released their first full length on October 9th. Their harmonies are a spooky, folky choir of voices over songs suited for traversing the American Southwest. Seem like nice guys.(website)

Tobacco / Black Moth Super Rainbow : Freaky-deeky experimental-electro jammers Black Moth Super Rainbow are releasing a new album October 23. They are Pittsburgh locals with an often-masked frontman, Tobacco, who has also released some amazing solo work. (more)

Fergus & Geronimo : These fellows hail from the home of my alma mater, Denton, TX and currently reside in Brooklyn, NY. I was excited when they recently made Rolling Stone’s Top 10 College Radio Albums with Funky was the State of Affairs on Hardly Art. I used to see their old band, Teenage Cool Kids, at house shows in Denton constantly so it’s nice to see   
                                 them blowing it up in NYC.(more)


Will Bryant : Bryant is a visual artist from Texas currently working in Portland, OR. I really like his doodle-y style and 90’s throwbacks. He has done work for several notable bands and recently did the flyer for GvB’s CMJ Party. 

Olga Koumoundouros : Visual artist who recently turned a house she was squatting in to a art project. Her other work is sort of creepy.

Zach Hill  : Insanely great self taught drummer and part time visual artist. This guy has a hand in several musical projects, including Hella, Death Grips, Wavves Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Group, bygones, and the list goes on.

T.J. Cowgill : Musician/Designer (King Dude / Actual Pain) I read an interview with him in the most recent issue of Vice. His clothes are nice if you like goth things but aren’t totally suicidal.

Nicole Lavelle  : Portland Artist / Writer. Simple Projects, personal and accessible 

PAGES/BLOGS/TUMBLRS   :  Great resource for American - made fashion.  :  Stay cutting-edge and nerdy. : Shut your fucking face and listen. : Tel - Aviv based blog & concert promotion company. : Provocative image overload.


TED Talks : Amy Cuddy - Power Poses. Cuddy explains how body language controls the way we handle stress, confidence, and how we think of ourselves.

BLR Soundbites are hilarious. Joe Biden & Rick Perry are my two favorites. - Pes is a stop-motion pop culture genius.

Warm Myth - Working (Director : Jesse Yules) Music video by a Canadian filmmaker.


 “Binders full of women” (Mitt Romney Comment) Memes

THINGS TO READ * Collage Culture  (order)

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