Friday, November 18, 2011

bubonic bear / furnace

It feels good to blow off a little steam at the end of the working week. Bubonic Bear and Furnace will be blowing off ALOT tonight at the Spruce Caboose with some sludge punk guaranteed to throw ya neck out. No need for showy, over-the-top metal solos for Bubonic bear. Just driving, thrashy doom played by a duo of punks with a knack for switching up their phrasing and timing to keep you on your toes right before they knock you on your ass. These Philly locals will be releasing Fleshworld in December and will hit the road mid-month for their Tour of the American South (no Texas though..) . Furnace, Now Denial (both on tour from Boston) and Heavy Medical (great name) will be playing with Bubonic Bear tonight at the Spruce Caboose. 8:30 pm, 5$

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